About the Lab

What is the Reciprocal Mentoring Lab (RML)?

The Reciprocal Mentoring Lab (RML) is a transformative learning process for mixed-gender mentoring pairs. During the RML, mentoring teams work with world-class faculty members during an intensive two-day workshop, which includes pre- and post-workshop assessments, webinars, and discussions. Ultimately, this mutually beneficial program equips participants with the skills, tools, and broader perspective to help create a reciprocal mentoring culture back on the job, as well as helping them lead with greater intention and integrity. 

"Reciprocal Mentoring is the key to helping men and women have mentoring relationships that are authentic, powerful, and help advance everyone in the workplace." - Melinda Wieder, Director of the Reciprocal Mentoring Lab

How Was the RML Developed?

Based on research and the groundbreaking book Athena Rising: How And Why Men Should Mentor Women, the Lab’s curriculum is founded in the expertise and corporate experience of a world-class faculty including founder Chuck Shelton, Ancella Livers, Betsy Myers, Nancy Mace, W. Brad Johnson, PhD, and David Smith, PhD.

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RML Brochure

Learn more about this innovative program.


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Why Mentoring Matters

A guide for executive men by two of our faculty.


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Mentoring Across Gender

Why now is the perfect time to do this important work and why you shouldn't miss this opportunity to do it!