Equipping Men and Women to Mentor & Sponsor More Confidently Through Reciprocal Mentoring

Ally based mentorships that advance us all.

Our Innovative Approach


A recent study from LeanIn has shown that 60% of male managers are uncomfortable participating in common work activities with women, including mentoring. Their research shows this is a 32% increase from a year ago.

  • Are you:

    • Worried about providing feedback to women?

    • Afraid of 1 on 1 meetings with women behind closed doors?

    • Not sure how to best mentor & sponsor women?

  • If you’re tired of being uncomfortable or unsure about how to work confidently with women, we’re here to change that.

How We


The Reciprocal Mentoring Lab® experience gives men the:

    • Knowledge
    • Skills
    • Confidence

to create high performing mentorships with women. 

And women gain an ally to support their advancement.


Interactive webinars and self-assessments provide context & self-awareness


A dynamic workshop equips all with the practical tools and experience of reciprocal mentoring


Everyone has the skills and knowledge to mentor confidently between men & women in the workplace

Reciprocity in Action


When people are in reciprocal mentorships we all succeed in the workplace.


Benefits for Men:

  • Establish a reputation as excellent developers of talent
  • Gain insider knowledge and access to fresh perspectives
  • Develop rich networks of relationships that help them outperform their peers

Benefits for Women:

  • Achieve increased promotion rates
  • Increase their visibility on projects with larger scope and responsibility
  • Expand their professional networks


Effective reciprocal mentoring relationships also influence an organization to grow and sustain a culture of high-performing gender collaboration.


Want more information about the Reciprocal Mentoring Lab? Interested in learning more about Greatheart Consulting and our offerings? Please reach out with any questions or inquiries and we’ll get back to you!